Meadowcreek Village Newsletter
Publication Schedule

  • The Meadowcreek Village Newsletter is delivered quarterly to Civic Club members. In addition, an electronic copy is available online for Internet users. Below is the publication schedule. Although unlikely, under rare circumstances these dates may change. Please check with the newsletter editor for current information.
Closing Date
(All space reservations and story submittals due.)
Publication Deadline
(All final copy and ad payments due.)
Street Dates
18th of month prior to publication 21st of month prior to publication 1st - 2nd week of month

Revised 01 September 2016


Closing Date -
The last day that space reservations and story ideas will be accepted.
Publication Deadline -
The final day for submittal of articles or graphic materials. Final advertising copy and required payment must be received by this date.
Street Dates -
The dates during which the newsletter is expected to be distributed.