Meadowcreek Village Newsletter
Editorial Policies


To provide for the free exchange of ideas while keeping the newsletter credible and interesting to its readers, we observe some basic ground rules:

  1. Submittals will be corrected for spelling and grammar (unless otherwise noted), and edited for length.
  2. Style will be corrected in accordance with the most current version of the Meadowcreek Village Civic Club Newsletter Stylesheet. Any other revisions will be made in consultation with the author.
  3. If the editor determines that a story needs to be rewritten, the task may be given to the original author or to a different writer.
  4. The Civic Club is a nonpartisan organization. We do not endorse any candidate running for elected office, nor do we accept advertising from political parties or candidates.
  5. Free and open commentary about issues is welcome and encouraged, including analysis of the Civic Club and its activities. The editor reserves the right to respond to those submittals which appear to reflect a misunderstanding of the club and its operation.
  6. The newsletter will not publish direct personal criticisms of individual members.
  7. No material will be accepted which promotes the violation of laws or neighborhood deed restrictions.
  8. The newsletter will not publish material from anonymous sources. All submitted articles must be from a verifiable source. Attribution will be given for any article not written by the newsletter staff unless the author requests to remain anonymous. A by-line will be printed for any submittal the editor considers commentary in nature.
  9. Advertising policies are set forth in the Advertising Policy Statement.
  10. The editor, at his or her sole discretion, will determine the appropriateness of all submitted material for inclusion. Material may be rejected at any time for any reason.


Revised 01 September 1998