Deed Restrictions
Plan Review

Building? Remodeling? Meadowcreek Village is a deed-restricted community.  All construction in the neighborhood is subject to those deed restrictions. Most construction will require a city building permit. To obtain a permit, you will need to verify that your construction meets the requirements set forth in your deed restrictions.  Meadowcreek Village Civic Club can help with that by checking your plans before you apply for your permit. This is a free service available to all property owners in the neighborhood. Construction that violates your deed restrictions may be required to be removed. It is much easier to correct a problem on paper than it is to do so after construction has begun.

Please send us a written request for a plan review. Indicate the property address, type of construction (new home, room addition, etc.), proposed construction start and end dates, and contractor name and address (if known). Be sure to include your complete contact information so we can reach you with questions, if necessary.

Include copies (not originals) of the following drawings. They do not need to be full size -- 11" x 17" or smaller are adequate:

  1. Plot plan showing property, easement, & setback lines, locations of existing and proposed buildings, fences, driveways, sidewalks, utilities, and existing large trees (greater than 5" trunk diameter at 2' above ground).
  2. Floor plan(s) of proposed construction
  3. Elevation(s) (front, back, and sides, as applicable) of proposed construction showing materials to be used.
  4. Section(s) as needed to further explain the construction.
  5. Detail drawings as needed to clarify the project.

If you are not sure what these drawings are, you can view a brief explanation from Xactware (Shockwave Flash format).

For fastest response, you may e-mail us at . We can accept drawings in many graphic formats.

If the drawings were done on computer, we can accept electronic drawing files. The native drawing formats (typically DXF or DWG, though there are others) often work, but there are sometimes compatibility issues. If the drawings can be converted to a PDF file, this is a very reliable way of sending them. These are by far the most efficient and fastest ways to send the information, but there are alternatives.

If the drawings are on paper, you can scan them. If a large page has several smaller drawings on it, scan each one separately. 300 dpi monochrome TIF (compressed) works well, giving clear results with relatively small file size. We can also accept JPG, GIF, and BMP formats, though the file sizes are likely to be much larger. You may need to send them in multiple e-mails if your service provider limits your attachment size.

After you send your e-mail, you should receive a response to let you know we have received it. If you do not receive a response within a day or two, please try again. If you need further assistance, e-mail us for more specific instructions.

If e-mail is not an option, send your request via postal mail to the Civic Club at the following address:

Deed Restrictions Committee
Meadowcreek Village Civic Club
P. O. Box 87606
Houston, Texas  77287

If your plans are approved, we will send a confirmation letter. If there are problems, we will return copies of the documents marked with comments for revision. We try to respond to all requests within two weeks of receipt of plans, but response time will vary with the complexity of the project and the number of requests we receive and may take up to thirty days.