Deed Restrictions

Meadowcreek Village is a deed-restricted community.  Deed restrictions were created during the neighborhood's development to preserve its residential character and overall quality of life. All neighborhood residents and property owners are subject to these restrictions.

Deed restrictions are not laws and are not enforced by police. They are a binding agreement between all the property owners in a subdivision. Enforcement of deed restrictions is the responsibility of those property owners, and any of them can take legal action against violators.  Meadowcreek Village Civic Club will help with that effort, subject to the following limitations:

  1. All complaints regarding deed restrictions must be in writing and must be signed by the complainant.
  2. Complaints regarding deed restrictions that can be verified by the Deed Restrictions Committee chair or a committee member will be checked within 15 days.  Upon inspection, a deed restriction violation notice may or may not be sent to the homeowner.
  3. Complaints regarding deed restrictions that cannot be verified by the Deed Restrictions Committee chair or a committee member will require written notice from at least three adult witnesses confirming the existence of a violation.
  4. The Civic Club will attempt to resolve the complaint without the need to reveal the identity of the original complainant(s).  However, should the Civic Club become involved in legal matters with a violator of any deed restrictions, those who initiated the complaint may be requested to testify on behalf of the Civic Club.

To report a deed restrictions violation, write to the Civic Club at the following address:

Deed Restrictions Committee
Meadowcreek Village Civic Club
P. O. Box 87606
Houston, Texas  77287

For faster response, you may e-mail us at .