Meadowcreek Village Park

Photo of pavilion

Centrally located in the neighborhood, Meadowcreek Village Park has been a hub of neighborhood activity since it was dedicated in 1959. Programs and classes ranging from arts & crafts to sports are available for youth and adults throughout the year. In addition to a community center, the park includes a covered multi-use pavilion, children’s playground, baseball fields, tennis courts, picnic areas, and a large open green space. For those who like to walk, the sidewalk surrounding the park and nearby Patterson Elementary school is ¾ mile.

Photo of tennis balls and racketMeadowcreek Village Community Center is located in the southwest corner of the park, at 5333 Berry Creek Drive. It has a large meeting room, serving kitchen, lobby and restrooms. It is open Monday - Friday, except city holidays.

For information about park programs or Community Center rental, call 713‑946‑9020 or visit the Meadowcreek Village Park web page.