Garbage Collection

Automated Garbage Truck

The regular weekly garbage collection day for Meadowcreek Village is Monday, unless it is a City of Houston holiday. In the event of a holiday, trash collection will occur on the next business day.

The neighborhood is serviced by the city's automated collection vehicles. Each home is provided by the city with one 90‑gallon rolling garbage bin (black). Place your rolling bin at the curb with the handle facing away from the street no earlier than 6p.m. the night before collection, and remove it from the curb no later than 10p.m. on the collection day. Containers must be accessible and not blocked by obstacles such as parked cars, trees, mailboxes, fencing, etc. Blocked containers will not be emptied. Leave at least three feet of clear space around the container to allow the truck to safely operate.

Do NOT put the following in your garbage container: household chemicals, liquid paint, computer or electronic equipment, yard trimmings, hot ash/coal, dead animals and construction/demolition or remodeling debris.

Residents can order an additional bin if needed (for a fee), or request repair or replacement of a damaged bin by calling the city’s helpline, 3‑1‑1.

On non-collection days, all bins are to be stored away from the street out of public view.

Yard Trimmings

               Look for the City Seal on compostable yard trimming bags

Currently, yard trimmings take up 30% of landfill space. It is much better for your lawn and for the environment if you use a mulching mower and leave the clippings on the lawn. If you insist on bagging, the next best thing is to use the clippings as compost in the garden. Grass clippings, small branches, and leaves must not be placed in the automated garbage cans. For disposal they must be put in city-approved compostable bags. These bags are available in local stores; look for the city seal on the package and bags. When filled, make sure the bags do not weigh more than 50 pounds. Place them at the curb at least 3 feet away from the automated container for separate yard trimming collection.

Small branches may be put in bundles as long as each bundle is less than 4 feet in length, 18 inches in diameter, and does not weigh more than 50 pounds. 

Tags For Bags

If you only need additional garbage capacity once in a while, you can purchase special tags to allow filled garbage bags to be picked up with your regular collection. Extra bags of garbage are collected only if they have a special tag attached. These tags may be  purchased at Fiesta, HEB, Sellers Bros. and participating Kroger stores. Residents may also download an order form at and send the completed form and payment through the mail. Recyclable Yard Waste bags do not require tags.