Community Standards


All motor vehicles visible to the public in Meadowcreek Village must be in street-legal condition. They must be drivable and have current inspection and license tags. Vehicles that do not meet these requirements must be stored off-site or out of public view.

Photo of old car
If it doesn't run, it's not a classic... it's junk!

General Parking

Although this is not a high-crime area, the safest place to park your car or truck is inside your garage. The next best place is in your driveway. Most homes in the neighborhood were built with ample parking space for the expected number of residents. If you plan to add more parking area, be sure to check your deed restrictions and applicable city ordinances.

It is unlawful to park in a way that blocks access to a public sidewalk or street. On-street parking is allowed in most of the neighborhood, except within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, 20 feet of an intersection, 30 feet of a stop sign, or where signage indicates otherwise. Please be courteous and try not to park in ways that make it difficult for your neighbors to enter or leave their driveway. Also, try to avoid parking on the street on trash pick-up days because the automated trucks need clear access to the containers.

Yard Parking

Someone drove over a water main and this happened.

In November 2009, City Council passed an ordinance making it illegal to park vehicles on unpaved areas in Meadowcreek Village and other residential neighborhoods.  The purpose of the ordinance is threefold; to prevent and possibly reverse the lowering of property values in areas where yard-parking is prevalent, to reduce erosion and subsequent storm drain blockage caused by vehicles driving on lawns, and to stop the damage to underground utilities and infrastructure caused by the weight of vehicles driving over them.

Under the law, it is an offense to park a vehicle or equipment on the front or side yards of a residential property, except on a driveway or other improved surface approved by the city engineer. Deed restrictions and city ordinances require a portion of each property to remain permeable to reduce the threat of flooding.  If you plan to add pavement, you will need a city permit.  You should submit your plans to the Civic Club to be sure they are in compliance with your deed restrictions before proceeding.  This can be done online or by regular mail.  See the Deed Restrictions - Plan Review section of this site for more information.

Enforcement of this ordinance is handled through the city's Neighborhood Protection department or by any law enforcement officer.  To report a violation, call Neighborhood Protection at 3 1 1 or HPD at 713-884-3131.

Types Not Allowed

Parking of commercial vehicles such as large commercial trucks, road-tractors, pole trailers, semitrailers, or other large vehicles or construction equipment is prohibited within Meadowcreek Village, except during the time the vehicle is making a delivery or providing service to a location within the neighborhood.

Inspection / Licensing

You have 30 days after establishing residency in Texas to have your vehicle inspected and registered. Before visiting your local County Tax Office, make sure that:

  • You have proof of auto insurance.
  • You get a vehicle safety inspection. Be prepared to show proof of insurance when arriving at the inspection station.
  • You have proof of vehicle ownership.

Now you're ready to register your car. Arrive at the County Tax Office with the above documentation and a completed Application for Texas Certificate of Title (Form 130 U). Even if you are not titling the vehicle, use this application for registering. You will need to pay registration fees. You may, depending on your situation, be required to pay additional titling or sales tax fees.

The nearest County Tax Office is:

John Phelps Annex
101 S. Richey Street
Pasadena, Texas  77506

Speed Limits

Where there is no speed limit posted, the default speed limit for residential areas in Texas is 30 mph. In school zones, the speed limit is 20 mph.