Information related to Community Standards, Deed Restrictions, City Ordinances, or other regulations affecting the community and its residents.

Neighborhood Plats

A “plat” is a plan or a map of a plot of land, especially used in construction site mapping. A plat map includes a description of the land and everything on it, including roads, boundaries, and real property. Plats ensure property owners don’t trespass on another’s property, land for public use remains public, lots comply with local ordinances and restrictions, and all property owners have access to utilities.


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Deed Restrictions

Meadowcreek Village is a deed-restricted neighborhood.  These restrictions help us preserve the residential character of the community and the quality of life we enjoy. They include regulations pertaining to the type and placement of buildings on a lot, construction standards, fences, animals permitted, and other uses of the property. Transcriptions of neighborhood deed restrictions are provided here for your information. If you need an official certified copy of your deed restrictions, contact the office of the Harris County Clerk.

Read more: Deed Restrictions


  • Deed Restrictions

    Deed restrictions for each section of Meadowcreek Village

  • Community Standards

    Neighborhood identity is shaped by the character, maintenance, and standards of the community. In Meadowcreek Village, these standards are set by deed restrictions, local laws, and good old-fashioned common sense. Learn more about how to maintain your home and enhance the quality of life we enjoy here, including information on permits, common violations, and guidance for updating and remodeling your home. If you have a neighbor you feel needs some of this information, feel free to email it or print it out and give it to them. Links for doing so are available on each page.